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Meet Our Artists

Our Artists will walk you through a painting during a two hour event and you take home your masterpiece. Each Artist is hand-picked. Learn more about our mission and artist criteria on our About Us Page.

Liz Grebler

I’m always composing paintings in my mind. I get inspired by my travels, walks in the neighborhood, color schemes in nature. When I’m painting I’m transported to a land of peace, tranquility, and creative exuberance. Some of my work is based on a meticulous build up of color and pattern, keeping order and flow in a world that is opposite.  People say my paintings exude happiness and good vibes. I’m a professional artist with a degree and specialist credential in art. I paint for the pure pleasure of putting vibrant color on canvas and I teach for the huge pleasure of sharing that joy with others. 

Joe Byrd

I escaped the cultural and artistic boundaries of Cleveland in 2005, to push the “reset” button on my career in Southern California. As a professional jazz guitarist and recording artist, painting signs and murals have always helped sustain my creative lifestyle. I have had the opportunity to paint hand lettered signs and graphics for Disney, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal studios, and Facebook. Through painting, I’m inspired to write music, and through creating music, I visualize colors and images. We all have a creative and expressive energy waiting to be explored and shared! 

Zach Brown

Zach Brown is a professional artist and has enjoyed much success in the LA art scene. Zach feels blessed for every experiences and opportunity he has had to share the arts and collaborate with some truly amazing and inspiring people. Zach has yet to discover anything that feels quite as wonderful as the satisfaction of seeing an art pupil succeed. He will lead the way and he is so much fun! You will love his events!

Tamara Branch

Tamara is a professional and passionate artist who expresses feelings, emotions and life experiences through art. While she walks you through a painting step by step, she supports your originality and creativity. Tamara encourages her participants to experience joy during the painting process and to embrace the outcome of their paintings as treasure.’Stir Up The Paint’ with Tamara will be a memorable and wonderful experience.

Otman Perez

I’m an animator, illustrator and graphic designer.  I love art, and when it’s shared with others I love it even more.  What could be better than painting with everyone and sharing my passion.When you’re happy, paint! When you’re feeling down, paint even more!   Cheers!



“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun”

– Pablo Picasso


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